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Brother Pete is Mr. Niemeyer in the slightly more formal world. Mr. Niemeyer is primarily a social studies teacher in western Massachusetts, although he does wear other hats and often talks about himself in the third person. Recently he has been dabbling in computer science and motorcycle maintenance. Some of the lessons learned in these new spaces make it back to his classroom.


Always Under Construction: Back in 1999 a student of mine (as part of a class he was taking on web 2.0 design) made for me the first pages for my history and geography classes at MGRHS. Tinkering over the years, modifying his work, starting over from scratch, has afforded me the opportunity to learn a lot about the "inter-webs." I am grateful that I learned early on this: "my students can also be my teachers." This space is one of the sandboxes I play in. Feedback and input is always appreciated.


 By the way: Have a great day. You deserve it, I am certain of that.



-brother pete

Brother Pete's Pages

Haphazard 无为 and 朴


Chaotic action (through non-action) and the unlimited potential of the uncarved block. Who knows? Click. :)


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Policies & Procedures





Odds and Ends


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    • History rhymes a lot...
    • GSD
    • Murder Ballad Monday
    • Greylock Echo Online


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About Brother Pete


Father, Teacher, Advisor, WebMaster, Firefighter, Brother, and Friend...


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