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Film Studies

Course Description:

This semester-long course will explore the fundamental elements of formal film analysis in terms of mise-en-scène, cinematography, sound, and editing. Lessons on image, camera movement, lighting, editing, sound, performance, and spectacle will be supported with the use of feature-length narrative films. Students will demonstrate proficiency through a series of group discussions, research projects, and analytical writing assignments. Additional focus will be placed on the technologies employed throughout the history of cinema as well as on the social impact these narratives have had on society.


Topics (Evolving):

Mise-En-Scene: Within the Image, camera Movement, Cinematography




From Screenplay to Film



Short reaction papers will be tied to each feature film we watch. As we learn more about the art of filmmaking, we will add each of these topics to subsequent writings. We will be using Canvas and Google for most of our written work.


Class participation will include discussion and group work targeting experiential learning about topics in filmmaking, i.e. shot development, movement, etc.


There will also be several small projects to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of topics in filmmaking and to showcase their own creativity.

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