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Policies and Proceedures


How To Be A Successful Learner:


1) Be on time, ready for class with the materials you need (book, notes, writing tool, etc.)

2) Bring respect and pride with you into the classroom.

3) Participate actively in your own education.


Focus  Open-mindedness  Respect  Communication   Energy





  • I adhere to the rules of MGRS as found in the student handbook. I expect that students be familier with this document. (Also note: student input can help frame and guide the evolution of this document.)
  • I ask that students do their best to be mindful of the words they use and how they use them; to be willing to course correct when the words they choose to use lead us away from a safe and open educational environment. This is also of the unspoken communication we are capable of.
  • I am particularly insistent that a student arrive on time, or else arrive with an appropriate pass from elsewhere.
  • I cannot abide by meanness, teasing, cruelty, bullying, etc. I will intervene when I believe people are being made to feel unwelcome in our classroom.



Grading for Each of My Classes:


Grades will be based upon a variety of assessments, including class participation, attendance, discussion, writing assignments, homework, tests and projects.


Each assignment will carry a point weight relative to the size or scope of the work.

  • Daily discussions and participation carry low point value per day, but add up over time.
  • Written homework generally fits into the 5 to 10 point range.
  • Generally quizzes will be valued between 10 to 20 points.
  • Tests will be in the 50 to 100 point range (depending on the scope of material covered).
  • Projects and papers are usually between quiz value to test value (depending on size and scope).


The value of assignments will be clearly stated to students when assigned and within Canvas / PowerSchool.


Retakes: Any student (regardless of the test grade) may ask to retake a test either immediately after taking it the first time, or upon receiving the graded test back from me. In fact, any assingment where a sctudent wishes to improve/extend is open to negotiation. The request must be made in a timely manner. "Do-overs" can only be done once. After that, it is time to move on to new work. The new grade is the one that goes into the book, for better (or for worse), so choose to do this when you KNOW you were not at your best.


Extra Credit: If I offer extra credit, it is made available for ALL students as an extension of the course. End of marking period requests for extra credit in lieu of completing required work during the course of study will not be considered.


Finals: There will either be a final project or comprehensive exam in most classes (weighted 1/7 of the course).


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