Religion in the Modern Era

Course Description: (Last Ran 2004/2005)

The goal of this semester course will be to grapple with defining religion and to explore its place in modern society. Religion has been heralded as the essential force providing meaning for human existence. It has been rejected as an opiate for the masses or as a mechanism for avoiding psychosis. The bulk of the semester will focus on what religion is from a spectrum of viewpoints, while exploring how these different viewpoints play out in the modern social arena. Reading material shall be primary and secondary sources assembled by the instructor. Coonsiderable online reading will also be required. Reflection papers will be due weekly with one large analytical paper due mid semester and a final project and exam at the end of the semester.

Haphazard 无为 and 朴


Chaotic action (through non-action) and the unlimited potential of the uncarved block. Who knows? Click. :)


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