Newspaper Production

Course Description:

The Newspaper Production class is designed to give students a basic understanding of journalism and newspaper writing techniques. The class serves as the staff for the student newspaper as well as writers for digital news along with opportunities to guest write for local news outlets. Students learn and practice advanced journalism writing and production skills as they produce the newspaper on a regularly scheduled basis. Students develop their writing abilities and editing skills by creating several articles for the school paper while serving as peer editors for others’ work. This cooperative classroom environment presents opportunities for hands-on learning, practical skill development, and possibilities in leadership growth. It also functions to serve the larger Mount Greylock community with its news products. Students are encouraged to take Newspaper Production I, Newspaper Production II, or both Newspaper Production I and II.

Haphazard 无为 and 朴


Chaotic action (through non-action) and the unlimited potential of the uncarved block. Who knows? Click. :)


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