About Brother Pete

Son to parents who never wavered,

Father to a son and a daughter and proud,

Partner to a beautiful soul entwined with mine,

Brother of an engineer and an IT system administrator,

Teacher to approximately 2000 students so far,

Advisor for the school newspaper, The Greylock Echo,

WebMaster for www.mgrhs.org,

Firefighter in Williamstown since 9/11,

Friend of a lot of amazing people in this world who make each day a blessing.

Haphazard 无为 and 朴


Chaotic action (through non-action) and the unlimited potential of the uncarved block. Who knows? Click. :)


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Odds and Ends


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    • History rhymes a lot...
    • GSD
    • Murder Ballad Monday
    • Greylock Echo Online


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About Brother Pete


Father, Teacher, Advisor, WebMaster, Firefighter, Brother, and Friend...


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